Getting Here

To get to Yoshida House, take the Seibu Ikebukuro line to Oizumi Gakuen station. The easiest way is to take a semi-express train from Seibu Ikebukuro station in Ikebukuro. Local and semi-express trains stop in Oizumi Gakuen but if you take the express or rapid trains you'll need to change in Shakujii-koen and then take a local train. The trains are usually timed so that there's a local train waiting on the other side of the platform (after all, this is Japan!).

Directions from Oizumi Gakuen station

When you exit the train, head for the north exit. At the bottom of the stairs, cross the street and turn left. You'll pass a McDonalds and Mizuho bank before you reach the next set of traffic lights. Turn left at UFJ bank, stay on the left side of the road. As you go you'll pass by the entrance to a shrine on the other side of the road. Keep walking and you'll come to a greenhouse and a Family Mart convenience store.

A little further on you'll see a large bicycle storage yard on the other side of the road. Cross and turn right onto the sidestreet next to the bicycle yard. There will be an open field with vegetables growing on the other side. The road crosses over a small river and the next intersection you turn left. The street for Yoshida House is the next right after which it's another 100 meters or so. If you end up at a gas station or you are walking along a road right next to the train tracks, you've gone too far.

Use the map above or use Google maps to find us. If you use Google Earth you can download our placemark.