Foreigner's monthly apartment Guest House in Tokyo

Situated along both sides of a quiet sidestreet overflowing with greenery, Yoshida House is a guest house in Tokyo that provides a comfortable sanctuary for both travelers and long-term residents alike.

Rooms are relatively inexpensive, both for short-term and long-term stays. The house is located a short train ride from the Yamanote line, so locations everywhere in central Tokyo are easy to get to. Sometimes life in Tokyo can be a bit hectic, so it's nice to come home to a place where one can relax and enjoy.

Simple, inexpensive rooms

Everyone has their own furnished room with tatami mats, and futon, television, heater / air conditioner, so you don't need purchase at lot of furniture when you arrive in Tokyo. There's a shared living, dining and kitchen area that faces out onto an attached garden, a nice place for relaxing and sharing a beer or two on summer evenings.

The price
Single room ¥40,000/monthly or ¥2,200/daily
Medium room ¥50,000/monthly,¥64,000/monthly/share/2 person
¥3,000/daily and ¥3500/daily/2 person in room
there's no key money. no deposit.
Free wi-fi speed internet and free coffee and tea.
Electricity deposit
¥3,000/monthly payer/when you move in/pay what you use every month then.
¥100/per day/daily/,¥200/per day/daily/Hot summer time and Cold winter time.

Quiet, convenient location

The house is located ten minutes away from Oizumi Gakuen station, along the Seibu Ikebukuro line, just a 15 minute train ride from Ikebukuro so you'll always be close to locations anywhere within central Tokyo.